School Case Study: How Ardington Archives Helped Preserve Important Documents After a Fire

Document management and document preservation is an important aspect of running any organisation, including schools. When a large local school experienced a fire on their premises, some of their documents suffered damage. The school realised they needed a more secure and lower-risk storage solution, and reached out to Ardington Archives LLP for their expertise in document management.

Ardington Archives, in collaboration with a specialist restoration company, worked to restore the fire-damaged documents to the best possible condition. Once restored, the school then entrusted Ardington Archives with their archiving needs going forward. Ardington Archives worked with the school to develop an internal archiving process that met required legislation, ensuring that box contents were catalogued accurately and that retention dates were identified for proper document destruction.

Due to the nature of the documents being archived, the school regularly requires Ardington Archives’ box retrieval service. The school also uses DocBox4 boxes, which are specially designed to provide the best protection for their documents while also being a cost-effective solution for archive storage.

By partnering with Ardington Archives, the school has been able to ensure the safe and secure storage of their important documents. They have also been able to access the expertise of the Ardington Archives team, which has helped them to improve their internal archiving processes and comply with required legislation.

The school’s experience highlights the importance of effective document management, document preservation and the benefits of working with a specialist company like Ardington Archives. By outsourcing their archiving needs to experts in document management, the school has been able to preserve their important documents and ensure their secure storage for years to come.