Why archive?

why archive

Secure records storage at Ardington Archives LLP

Despite increasingly digital workplaces, the ease with which paper can be produced means most businesses face an ever-increasing volume of paper records. Financial data must be kept for UK legal reasons and, depending on the industry, there is additional regulations that must be adhered to in terms of record storage.  Managing this in-house can be both costly and time consuming, and can take up space which could be better utilised within a business.

So why archive?  Archive storage provides the solution to storing large volumes of documents that are required for legal and compliance reasons, but are not required for day to day access.  It provides a more cost-effective solution by allowing a more efficient use of office space, whilst maintaining quick and easy access to documents and files.  Not only does this ensure information is stored in the most secure way possible, but it also adds value to business by lowering costs and reducing business risk.

Storing business archives with Ardington Archives LLP will help:

  • Preserve and protect valuable records 
  • Increase valuable office space
  • Streamline file retrieval
  • Effectively manage retention schedules

In respect of risk management and disaster planning, the use of a purpose-built off-site store ensures that threats to the security of your information are minimised both through the physical design of the store and the procedures in place to regulate access to your information.

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