Archiving to Negate Business Risk

How Can Archiving Help Your Business Avoid Risk

One of the key elements of good archiving practice is to ensure that the information being archived is completely safe from all possible risks ensuring that you reduce business risk.It is unquestionably safer to store sensitive documents in a properly managed, anonymous archive facility rather than in your office.  Whilst documents remain in your office they are easily accessible by all staff members and visitors.  This is not the case once they are securely archived offsite.  In fact, procedures are kept in place to ensure only authorised signatories can request access to your documents.  Key reasons business risk is reduced through storing documents offsite include:

Protect your business assets
Every business has key documents that are essentially ‘business critical’ and it makes sense to store them securely. Ensuring that all your documentation is securely stored and also accessible. A hybrid storage solution offers you the security of your physical documentation whilst making a digital version available to employees 24/7 in a secure online environment.

Archiving documents for legal reasons
By law, all companies must keep their financial (VAT) records for 6 years.  Depending on your industry, additional documentation can also be required to be kept for future reference.

The best use of office space
Filing cabinets and boxes full of old records take up valuable space, space which could be allocated more effectively to your business. One filing cabinet with 4 drawers can hold on average 14 000 pages. This not only takes up space but makes it difficult to find the correct documents you are looking for.

Cost-effective approach
Storing documents offsite is often a more cost-effective option compared to the cost of office space they take up.

Fast and efficient retrieval
In the event that you require urgent access, documents can be retrieved digitally within hours, and entire boxes can be returned the next working day. Secure online storage will give you 24/7 access to your files no matter where you are.