Digital safety

How Digitisation Can Help New Startups Securely Store and Share Sensitive Data

Starting a new life science company is no easy feat, with so many hurdles to overcome, including obtaining funding, conducting trials, and ensuring data compliance. One of our clients came to us during the early stages of its development, requiring a secure way to digitise and store trial data files and lab books to Good Clinical Practice compliant standards, within our Argonite Pods and Secure Vaults.

However, as the company began to grow, it became clear that potential investors would need access to the data held within the physical lab books and files. Sending these physical documents to different sites and investors was deemed too high risk for the intellectual property, so our client needed a secure way to digitise and share these important documents.

At Ardington Archives, we were able to assist this client by carrying out a digitisation process of all physical documents and uploading the electronic files to our secure online storage. Our online storage was configured to provide secure, time-limited access to potential investors, allowing them to review our client’s information without the risk of data breach or theft.

Moreover, digitising and securely hosting the lab books meant that all staff located at laboratories across the country could benefit from secure 24-hour access to this important development information no matter their location. This is crucial for any startup that wants to ensure their staff can collaborate effectively, no matter where they are based.

Overall, by embracing digitisation, our client was able to securely store and share sensitive data, making it easier to secure investment, collaborate with staff, and comply with regulatory standards. If you’re a new startup looking to store and share sensitive data, digitisation is an essential tool that can help you take your business to the next level.