Case Study – Providing Secure and Accessible Electronic Archive Solutions for Prestigious International Automobile Manufacturer

As a trusted provider of secure document storage solutions, we understand the importance of keeping archives safe and accessible for our clients be it by physical storage solutions or electronic archiving solution. Recently, one of our clients, a prestigious international automobile manufacturer, approached us with a new requirement to make their archive documents accessible electronically both in the UK and to their overseas offices. This was a significant change from their previous approach of storing physical documents in our secure facility.

To provide a cost-effective and efficient solution, we engaged in a consultation period to understand the client’s requirements and assess the most effective approach. Our team worked closely with the client’s appointed data compliance inspectors to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and to provide the best possible service. We concluded that our client will require a hybrid solution where we offer physical storage and a secure electronic archive solution.

After careful consideration, we developed a quarterly process to visit the client’s site and empty the required Lever Arch Files, placing and cataloguing the contents into our boxes. This process had the added benefit of allowing the Lever Arch Files to be reused, reducing waste and saving resources.

Once the files were collected, we transferred them for digitisation, outputting them as PDF files and indexing them by the document reference number. Optical Character Recognition was also included to allow for easy searching by keywords or text. Once the digitisation was complete, the files were loaded onto an encrypted USB and returned to the client for internal use. We also stored a backup copy of the USB in our Secure Vault for added protection.

The original documents were held in archive storage for a short period before being confidentially destroyed once the client’s defined retention period was complete. This ensured that the documents were not kept longer than necessary and were disposed of securely.

Overall, our team worked closely with the client to provide a cost-effective and efficient physical storage and electronic archive solution that met their changing needs. By digitising their archive documents, the client was able to access their files electronically, reducing the need for physical storage and improving accessibility. At the same time, our solution ensured that the client’s data was kept secure, compliant, and protected. We were proud to partner with the client to provide a comprehensive document storage solution that met their needs and exceeded their expectations.