Argonite gas fire suppression storage pods

Ardington Archives LLP storage pods not only offer an additional level of security over the standard secure archive stores, but also the reassurance offered by an internal argonite fire suppression system with four-hour fire resistance.  This makes them ideally suited for those documents that need to be stored in a manner that offers a little extra peace of mind, such as legal records, architectural plans, digital material and tapes.

  • Architectural plans
  • Legal records
  • Quality assurance documents

Key benefits:

Argonite is an environmentally neutral fire suppressant that is safe for use in occupied areas and does not leave a residue. This ensures that items in our care are not altered or damaged should the system have to be used.

  • Fire suppression system
  • Four-hour fire resistance
  • Added security


All archived boxes are clearly labelled to show the archiving environment in which they should be kept, which ensures that while on our premises they will be kept only in the correct environment.

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