SCAN & STORE – Digital Conversion and Online Document Storage

Scan and store

Cost effective digital conversion and secure online document store

Document scanning offers flexibility and instantaneous access to documents without taking up valuable office or storage space.  It can help control costs and can keep archive security at a premium as the digitised documents are in your control.  By converting paper files to digital, and storing in an electronic archive, files are always available, searchable and have no restrictions as to the geographical location at which they are stored.  Ardington Archives LLP have the capacity to convert paper documents, drawings, X-rays and microfiche to a wide range of digital formats.

Once converted, files can be uploaded to our secure online hosting service as an efficient and cost-effective alternative to in house operations.  Our secure online document store provides easy access to files in multiple formats, from any computer, tablet or phone connected to the internet.  This secure document management system enables authorised users to download files as well as back-up, upload and share digital documents from any location with internet access, 24 hours a day.

Ardington Archives LLP are pleased to offer both an entry level online storage option and a complete solution for the ongoing digital storage of electronic trial master files (eTMF).

Our entry level option is a low cost solution with basic functionality.  Ensuring the security of data stored, all data is transferred in TLS standard encryption.  For added security it is possible to encrypt the files in place within the secure online store.  This stored data can be encrypted to AES-256 levels with the encryption key remaining on the server, meaning the data is only readable online through the secure online store.  Access and security controls are provided to allow fully auditable visibility over the access of documents and allocate user rights on a needs basis.

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Key benefits:

  • Instant document access from any source with internet connectivity
  • High security digital storage
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly
  • Quick and easy online collaboration and sharing

Scanning to a budget

In order to minimise monthly expenditure for our clients, Ardington Archives LLP offer a scan to budget service whereby we will work to an agreed monthly costing that matches budgetary requirements, spreading the scanning and invoicing of all required documents across a number of months.

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